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EKSA and TNCPI Office as UPM research leaders


Serdang 15 August - In line with the implementation of EKSA throughout UPM, the TNCPI Office today officially launched this campaign. The launch was completed by Ybhg. Prof. Dr. Nazamid Saari, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation) of Universiti Putra Malaysia. Public Sector Conducive Ecosystem (EKSA) is the rebranding of 5S Practices. The introduced EKSA is not intended to replace the concept of 5S Practice that is already in practice, but rather to improve the 5S element by supporting the creation of a conducive work environment.

This branding objective emphasizes making the TNCPI Office an entity that has a corporate image with a conducive work environment. EKSA practice also emphasizes creativity and innovation as a way of how it helps to improve and increase efficiency in services. A green environment in addition to cleanliness is a practice that provides a working environment for the community at the TNCPI Office in a more viable and excellent direction.

In the message delivered, Prof. Dr. Nazamid emphasized the importance of the TNCPI Office as a leader in research development at UPM. In fact, efforts to dignify research with the implementation of EKSA give greater meaning. What's more, in an increasingly challenging economic and political climate, Researchers have been entrusted to provide a greater service. Efforts are being made with each researcher and those who are entrusted to find funds to finance each project independently or to obtain funds that can help UPM strengthen research continuously. This is a form of assignment or efficiency improvement for researchers to make UPM more famous in the future.

Also present on the launch day are the Director, Head of Administration and officers for each field. To increase knowledge and efficiency a briefing was also held which was delivered by Mr Mohd Isnain Ali as the Chief Facilitator of EKSA UPM.

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