INNOVATION DIRECTORY - ICT | Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation)


  1. Mobile Phones Image Forensic
  2. Global Monitoring and Surveillance System
  3. A Novel File Splitting Technique for Big Multimedia Data in Grid
  4. Private Android Safe Market “Be Part of our Revolution in Security Industry”
  5. Geriatrics Information Management
  6. Integrating Heterogenous Data in Service-Orientated Architecture (MyMoM)
  7. Automated Property Valuation Model
  8. Pervasive Cyber-Security Education System
  9. The Sawmill Expert System
  10. Mobile Forest Plant Tagging System (MoFTag)
  11. SoftAgentOOPSemantics: A Software Agent Paradigm for Object-Orientated Programming Semantics
  12. Mangrove Forest Mapping
  13. FText Fuzzy Text Extractor
  14. A Dynamic Rekeying Scheme to Manage the Efficiency and Scalability Aspects of Mobile
  15. WiMax Network
  16. New Network Traffic Analyzer (Net Flow Analyzer)
  17. The Furniture Accountant
  18. Foodclicks: Faculty Administration System
  19. Smart Travel Packages Recommendation System
  20. Network Load and Packet Loss Optimization during Handoff using Multiscan Approach
  21. ELT-Tec: A Tool for Evaluating English Textbooks
  22. The Melody to Musical Notation Translating System
  23. On-Demand Channel Reservation Scheme for Common Traffic in Wireless Mesh Networks
  24. An Encoding Scheme Based on Fractional Numbers for Querying and Updating Xml Data
  25. Ovcop System Mode

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