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Centre of Marine Science was established in the year 1991 under the old Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science UPM and was officially operational in 1993.  The centre was initially formed to cater for the needs of research base on all marine science aspects of the Straits of Malacca.  There has been few changing hands in term of administration after the fisheries faculty was moved over to Terengganu in 1996 and at present, it is one of the service centre administered under the UPM Deputy Vice Chancelor (Research and Innovation) office.  It acts as a centre offering facilities and services in the area of marine science and aquaculture. The centre has laboratory building, administration office, lecture and seminar halls and fish hatchery complex to cater for all the research needs of the academic staff and postgraduates in UPM.

This twenty five year-old centre continues to strive to carve out a niche area amidst similar other marine-based research centres along the Straits of Malacca.  Serene refreshing atmosphere, green compound and comfortable working conditions with the adequate basic equipment and learning facilities are the major highlights of this research centre.  Besides, the centre can easily be reachable within one hour journey from the UPM Serdang main campus.  The centre has attracted several research project funds from both national and international sources and the research scopes comprised from breeding and seed production, algal and live food cultures to also include the conservation of threatened marine resources.  We have recently been putting great efforts on the seed production of commercially important crustaceans, in particular giant Malaysian freshwater prawn and blue swimming crab and glad to see that these two important fisheries species are now locally produced by our hatcheries.  We will continue to work on other related aquaculture species and aims to be known as one of the established centre of excellence for marine crustacean research.

Our big aspiration is to be a renowned centre in the region in the area of mariculture and marine conservation studies.  We have been in contact with several other research centres of similar interests from all over the places encompassing research collaboration, staff training and postgraduate student exchange. To achieve this ambition, we will have to develop further to improve on our existence research facilities to attract more well-known scientists to come and work together with our associate researchers.



Prof. Dr. Aziz Arsad


Updated:: 05/07/2017