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Research Management Centre (RMC)

RMC aims to focus on key research of strategic importance to the nation and develop multidisciplinary initiatives. It encourages synergistic collaboration in key areas such as information technology, nanotechnology and biotechnology/Satellite BioValley research in line with the country's vision of producing a Nobel Laureate by the year 2020. The mission of RMC is therefore clear-cut: that of ensuring adequate funding resources, improving collaboration with other world-class universities and managing research ethics.

Roles of Research Management Centre (RMC)

The roles of RMC is to focus at the involvement of UPM’s researchers in main/strategic research areas and encourage synergy collaboration in various main areas such as information technology, nanotechnology and biotechnology. At the same time, RMC also develops various fields of initiative through the Research University Grant Scheme and increases the number of main researchers. The university’s long term goal is to produce a Nobel Laureate by year 2020. RMC creates awareness among those in UPM regarding research through the organisation of research seminars, workshops and exhibitions as well as outstanding research award ceremonies. 

RMC is headed by a director and assisted by two deputy directors for the Research Grant Division and Knowledge Management Division. The director reports on the development of RMC to the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation) and plays a leading role of the university’s research and innovation management process.


Functions of Research Management Centre

RMC has two divisions where each division is headed by a deputy director who is directly responsible to the Director of RMC. The deputy director plans and ensures the implementation of all activities of the division.

Research Grant Division

This division is responsible for the management and administration of research funding and related activities. This division also facilitates research grant applications and enhances expertise of research groups and networking. The services offered by the division are as follows:
• Coordinates any forms of revenue of research funds in UPM;
• Generates and manages research grants as well as monitor research activities;
• Simplifies research grant application process from the early stage until the final stage of the project involving main grants such as Science Fund, FRGS, LRGS, ERGS, PRGS and Research University Grant Scheme.
• Manages applications of other grants and collaboration grants with private and international sectors including preparing agreement contracts, monitoring reports and so on;
• Creates criteria and procedures to monitor research projects according to the requirement of MS ISO 9001:2008;
• Strengthen relationship with research institutes and research grant provider agencies; and
• Conducts seminars and workshops related to research management and supports the establishment of research centres at university level.

Knowledge Management Division

The Knowledge Management Division is responsible to coordinate and manage the well-planned, systematic and professional expert knowledge system that is related to R&D&C. The services offered are as follows:
• Coordinates the information database consisting knowledge of research activities and outputs such as intellectual property, professional services and UPM’s research expertise
• Collects, selects and verifies information and data based on the requirements and criteria as a Research University; and
• Becomes an information broker through the KM Portal system, a medium for the integration of data and information of expertise especially in the R&D&C fields.


Prof. Dr. Raha Abdul Rahim
Research Management Centre(RMC)
Tel : 03-8947 1610
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Mrs. Nur Amalieyah Shafie
Office Secretary
Tel : 03-8947 1601
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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